We are firm believers in the power of smell. Just walking by a rose bush instantly transports us back in time to fond memories of our late grandma. What smell takes you back in time? These memories and emotions are what make life joyful and bright.

Our mission is to bring light and joy into the lives of all that we come in contact with. Our candles help us to do that. So pick a scent, any scent. Pick one that calms your soul and clears your mind. Pick one that brings back treasured memories or pick one that you want to create memories with.

Scents can tell a story.

So what’s your story?

Candle Accessories

Permanent Collection

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"Living Albright is my favorite. I burn their candles every day in my house and I'm obsessed with their scents"

"I burned the candle yesterday for maybe an hour and it still smells like Pumpkin Patch in my room! Will be supporting you guys forever."

"I LOVE my candle! I lit it and within 2 minutes, it already made my whole house smell delicious! Even my upstairs! I'm super impressed"

"Burning the best candle I've ever owned and it's from Living Albright!"

Car Diffusers

Say goodbye to cheap car air fresheners and hello to long lasting goodness. The perfect gift for yourself and anyone else!