ATTN: All Product Based Business Owners

We are PASSIONATE about creating community and cheering on our fellow makers and entrepreneurs. There are SO many things we have learned in our short time of doing business that we totally believe can help others who are also at the start of this journey. That is why we created the Powerful Woman Ebook.

Here’s the scoop (AKA the topics we talk about)

The Why, LLC or DBA?, Setting Up Your Website, Setting Margins, Graphics/Logo, Brand Colors/Font, Photography, Ready To Launch, Hobby VS Business, Basic Tax Information, Text Message Marketing, Instagram, Instagram Content, Paying Yourself, Hiring People, Quality VS Quantity, Product VS Service Based Businesses, Free Stuff, Support and Community, Mindset Around Competition, Navigating Relationships As A Business Owner, Looking Ahead, Invest In Yourself.

From the first page of the Ebook: 

“We don’t claim to be coaches, but we do think that it is worth sharing the things we have learned in our first year of business. YOU (a small business who sells product) deserve more resources to help you get off the ground. Learn from us and do it better than us. We are here to answer questions and cheer you on. Thanks for being here.

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If there’s one thing that we continue to learn over and over again, it’s that mindset is everything. Our manifestation business coach, Jessica Kulina, was the speaker at our Female Business Builder Event. She shattered all the myths about manifestation and what it means. It was eye opening for everyone in attendance. We wanted to make it available to all that came and those who couldn’t so we recorded the whole thing!!

Read what those who were in attendance said about the experience:

“I didn’t know anything about manifesting before going to this event to hear Jessica speak and I walked away with more than I ever thought of. Not only did it give me motivation and desire to push myself and gain confidence in my business, but it also gave me the confidence to work harder and believe in myself in my every day life!!! You need this in your life!!” ~Rebekah G

“Jessica changed my life. As I went into this event I didn’t know a thing about manifesting by the end I was ready to take control of my business and personal life. She truly is the queen of manifestation, I can’t wait to implement the tools and knowledge she provided! If you have any desire to listen and learn from Jessica, take the plunge! You won’t regret it.” ~Shanice L

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