Gifts for Mother-in-Law

Not sure what to get your Mother-in-Law?

Gift giving can be so stressful, especially when the person seems to have everything she could need or want. We might be biased….but we don’t think you could ever go wrong with a candle and a kind note. Keep reading to find to find what scenario describes your situation best.

The I have no idea what she would want: No worries! We have the perfect scent for you. It has been our best seller since day one, a true crowd pleaser and sure to wow your mother-in-law. It’s none other than our Arizona Sunset candle. 

The she’s really picky how do I choose: Sending you good vibes because this is the hardest person to shop for. Try to pay attention to what she really dislikes. Some people are strongly anti foodie smells but could go for anything else. As long as you don’t get what she hates you should be in the clear. We recommend going for Arizona Citrus or Arizona Sunset. Both are well liked and not overwhelming.

The she loves citrus/fruity scents: Yay! This person is usually pretty easy to shop for. We recommend Afterglow, Arizona Citrus, Arizona Sunset or Golden Hour. Each has it’s own unique, fruity smell so make sure to read the descriptions to find the perfect fit.

The she is really sophisticated and has a nice house: We have two AMAZING options for this sophisticated kind of woman. Afterglow and Silk Pajamas. Both are unique and luxurious scents. Afterglow has a hint of fruity but is mixed with musk that balances the sweet and adds elegance. Silk Pajamas has the perfect combination of creamy coconut and musk. You couldn’t go wrong with either scent.

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