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Living Albright

Female Business Builder Recording

Female Business Builder Recording

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Missed our event? Here is a recording of the coaching portion! We did our best to record it so you can learn from Jessica too. The coaching portion is fully recorded, at the end we get into Q+A and it gets cut off at the very end. But make sure you watch through the ones that are asked because there is so much good information. Take this to heart and watch it over and over, you will always have access to it.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Amanda A
Loved every minute!

I knew a bit about manifestation before Jessica spoke at the event but I didn’t know what steps to actually take with manifesting. I received so much clarity on the topic and can’t wait to hear more from Jessica!

Marissa Law
Eye opening and Inspiring!

I hadn’t heard very much about manifestation before the “You Glow Girl” event but I am so glad I was able to learn about it from Jessica! I feel so empowered and Jessica’s enthusiasm is contagious! I’m so excited to apply the principles in my life and business and see amazing things happen!😊

Shanice Larson
Manifestation magic✨

Jessica changed my life. As I went into this event I didn’t know a thing about manifesting by the end I was ready to take control of my business and personal life. She truly is the queen of manifestation, I can’t wait to implement the tools and knowledge she provided! If you have any desire to listen and learn from Jessica, take the plunge! You won’t regret it💗

Manifesting in your business + your life!

I didn’t know anything about manifesting before going to this event to hear Jessica speak and I walked away with more than I ever thought of. Not only did it give me motivation and desire to push myself and gain confidence in my business, but it also gave me the confidence to work harder and believe in myself in my every day life!!! You need this in your life!!

Mckenna Johnson
Best motivation to make big moves

I went to this event seriously not knowing a thing about Manifesting or reaching our goals through manifestation. The information I received from this event is mind blowing & taught me so much. I can’t wait to sit and implement this all into my business and my every day life.

Living albright

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