The 4 TYPES of Fragrance

The word fragrance gets thrown around a lot, especially in the candle world. Did you know that there are 4 different types of fragrance used? Keep on reading to get a simple summary of each one...

1. Essential Oils:

Essential oils are derived from natural plant, herb and floral materials. Commonly derived by pressing the plant materials or a process called steam distillation.

2. Natural Isolates:

You can make 100% natural fragrances by extracting isolates from essential oils, plant and flower materials. You can create more complex scents by layering isolates.

3. Synthetic Fragrance:

These man made fragrances can come from 2,000-5,000 different materials. You can create smells that cannot be found in nature. In order to make sure this fragrance is safe, ensure that it is phthalate free.

4. Naturally Derived:

Made from natural materials that are extracted using a solvent. Not considered 100% natural since they have been contaminated by a solvent (like alcohol).

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