Light A Candle and Snuggle Your Loved Ones

Our story is inspired by a very special woman we both call Grandma. Some of our fondest memories come from having sleepovers at her house as kids. We would take bubble baths, do facials, paint nails, and lather ourselves in lavender lotion. Grandma was passionate about clean products. We hope to embody this love in our products by creating candles you feel comfortable burning around your family.

You’ve read about our inspiration but what motivates us to keep going? We have 5 kids between the two of us so running this business is not easy. What motivates us is our love for home and family. We are passionate about creating a safe and welcoming place for our family and loved ones to gather and create memories. Did you know that our sense of smell can immediately bring detailed memories or emotions to remembrance? Lavender and tea tree instantly reminds us of Grandma, memories we especially treasure since she passed away.

Light a candle and snuggle your loved ones because those are memories you’ll want to remember forever.

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