Is there a black ring around your jar? Is your wax getting tinted black?

If this is happening to you it's probably because you need to TRIM YOUR WICK! We preach this over and over because it's soooo important to know. Black ring around the jar? This is because your wick is mushrooming. The build up of soot on your wick is giving off black soot into the air and consequently, all over your beautiful jar. How do you prevent this?? SO SIMPLE. Just trim your wick before each burn and the problem is solved. 

Is your wick getting tinted black? Something we see way too often is a droopy wick. If your wick doesn't get trimmed it'll droop over until it hits the wax. Don't let the black soot contaminate your beautiful creamy wax. Make sure you trim your wick every time! And when you do trim it, make sure you get out any debris before lighting. This will keep you candle clean and pure. 

Another cause for the wax getting tinted is wind. That's right, burn your candle in a drafty area and you could start seeing some black in the wax. Keep your candle away from open windows and fans to prevent this. 



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